BornFree shares his hands-on experience with the Victrix Pro FS arcade stick beta

By on August 21, 2018 at 1:00 pm
Victrix Pro FS Image

One of the most talked-about hardware displays at Evo 2018 was the Victrix Pro FS, a $350 fight stick controller attempting to redefine the standard of arcade sticks. At that price point, it very well should — it is impossible to have a conversation about the Pro FS without discussing whether or not its steep price tag is justified. (Our own Lazybones2020 looked into the features of the Pro FS live on the Evo 2018 floor — you can read about his own hands-on experience here.)

Victrix seems comfortable enough now with their beta that they are putting it the hands of players to try out. BornFree was one of those lucky few, and has broken down the stick’s strengths and weaknesses here:

What do you think? Is the Pro FS the direction arcade sticks should go, or is there not enough punch for its price tag?

Source: BornFree

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