Upgrade your inventory with this character breakdown for Shovel Knight in Rivals of Aether

By on August 15, 2018 at 1:00 pm
shovel knight rivals of aether

When the initial shock from the Shovel Knight trailer for Rivals of Aether wore off, more than a few questions lingered about how his single player roots translated to his battle style. Thanks to the latest character breakdown from Beefy Smash Doods, we have more insight on how the Blue Digger really works — and he’s wild.

No, you weren’t just imagining it — Shovel Knight really does have a shop system in RoA, making him, perhaps, one of the most unique character archetypes seen in a platform fighter in quite some time. Damaging opponents drops gems that you must collect, just like in his original platforming game. Knocking an opponent away gives you a choice — either pursue them further and edge guard, or quickly summon the shopkeeper and try and buy a new item.

Source: Beefy Smash Doods

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