Input lag angst and netcode woes: The results of r/SF’s Community Feedback poll show what players want most for Street Fighter V

By on August 15, 2018 at 10:00 am
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Street Fighter V‘s reddit community has spoken — and the results aren’t exactly surprising.

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The latest Community Feedback poll on the r/StreetFighter subreddit has completed. When asked what aspects of Street Fighter V players want to see improved, the usual suspects are back in full force, with a bit of new flavor thanks to the discovery of variable input latency and the weirdness of the rollback netcode. When it comes to the overall experience, the netplay and the input latency are still the primary fixes the r/SF community are calling for.

User Experience:
Issue Votes
Netcode 734
One Sided Rollback 535
Variable Input Delay 404
Fight Money Grind 338
Input Delay 299
Training Mode – Online Training Mode 144
Training Mode – Allow DLC 127
Ranked Matchmaking – Character Select 117
Hitbox Viewer 106
P2P In Game Communication 100
Battle Lounge – Accurate Ping 73
Character Preview Prior to Purchase 73
Frame Ratings/Testing 63
Ranked Matchmaking – Unlimited Rematch 52
Ranked Matchmaking – Wait Indicator 52
Battle Lounge – Region Filter 33
Friends List Management 29
Battle Lounge – Steam Integration 28
Battle Lounge – Rank Filter 17
Training Mode – Debug 17

When it comes to the gameplay itself, the top requests are still more defensive options for this rushdown-heavy guessing game, and input lag makes a return appearance:

Gameplay Experience:
Issue Votes
More Defensive Options 607
Variable Input Delay 510
Input Delay 467
Air to Air Recovery Advantage 330
Balance Risk/Reward of Jumping/AA 324
Improve Crush Counter System 260
Hurt Boxes to Remain Extended 230
Revert DP Nerf 183
Audio Cue for Non-CC Counter Hit 152
Priority System Changes 136
Bonus Damage for Perfect Links 115

When is comes to other requests, Capcom’s long-criticized lack of communication with the fanbase is still a clear concern, while a lot of users are less-than-thrilled with some of the facial models on some characters.

Issue Votes
Communication with Community 1008
Graphical Improvement on Certain Models 796
Lab Zero Drivers 605
Router Support 556
Linux Version 145

Of course, as a community poll we can’t expect the developer to act on any of these requests, but it’s a good indicator of what players are still wanting in SFV’s third Season; hopefully Capcom is paying attention in some capacity. You can see the poll results and the following reddit discussion on the r/SF Community Feedback thread. You can also check on the results of prior polls in the links included there.


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