Capcom continues to tease the reveal of G in Street Fighter V with the mysterious “Message To The People”

By on August 4, 2018 at 11:00 am
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“My voice is your voice. What I fight for is to fight for all of you.”

sfv arcade edition g reveal

After switching their social media avatar to indicate a new character was incoming, Capcom has expanded their hype-building efforts for the upcoming reveal of G — the next Season 3 DLC fighter for Street Fighter V — via a mysterious campaign both on Twitter and on the floor of Evo 2018 itself.

Numerous FGC personalities have tweeted about receiving fragments of what appear to be some kind of manifesto. You can find them under the #MessageToThePeople hashtag:

Soon, the pieces of this declaration were assembled:

The entire “Message To The People” reads:

To the people of Earth who yearn for unification
Only you have discovered the knowledge I have bestowed upon you
Presented with this knowledge, you will now understand my purpose
One voice plus the seven continents to carry mankind
All that divides us, I will Smash Over and Under to Burst
The Impact of my dream will charge us with the power of Earth
Every Charge you build will strengthen my voice
Victory will be achieved once we become Pangaea once again
One world where I will be your President

This certainly gives us a glimpse into the intentions of the mysterious “G”, and definitely seems to have some pretty heavy Illuminati leanings. Could G be a version of Gill after all? Is this the Secret Society’s first attempt to seize power of the world? Or is there something even stranger going on? We don’t have a clear idea of what Gill is specifically up to during Street Fighter V yet, so almost anything is possible. G could even be a predecessor in the Illuminati to Gill — or a member of the Secret Society that has parted ways with them to pursue his own philosophy.

sfv kolin gill eye

The strange declaration may even hint at some aspects of G’s gameplay: “Smash Over and Under to Burst” is rather suspicious, and the multiple references to “charge” could be a clue. Either way, when “One voice plus the seven” come together tomorrow night at Mandalay Bay for Street Fighter V top 8, we can expect to learn some more about this unusual character.

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