Get ready for G: Capcom teasing imminent reveal for the new fighter with Street Fighter social media change

By on August 2, 2018 at 9:37 am
sfv arcade edition g reveal

Will we finally learn who “G” actually is at Evo this weekend?

SFV Season 3 characters

As has become the pre-reveal tradition for Street Fighter V DLC fighters, Capcom is hinting in their not-so-subtle way that this weekend will be the reveal for the next brand new character to join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in Season 3: the mysterious “G”.

Cody’s brick-smashing social media avatar has now been replaced by a gilded globe on Street Fighter’s Twitter and Facebook accounts — an image clearly associated with G and his golden world-map body markings, for as little as we know about him.

And what we know is very little — how he fights and his place in the story are all blanks at this point, not to mention his seeming connection to that most-mysterious Street Fighter of all, Street Fighter III‘s fan-favorite Q. (BornFree has explored some of this speculation before.) With this tease, we can definitely expect at least some of this to be cleared up at Evo 2018 this weekend, so keep an eye on Street Fighter V at Evo!


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