VesperArcade speculates about the very real possibility of a League of Legends fighting game

By on August 1, 2018 at 4:00 pm

VesperArcade discusses the high probability of an upcoming fighting game using the League of Legends IP.

For players interested in fighting game developments, VesperArcade is certainly the man to know. With combo guides for new characters, tournament highlights, and interviews with notable players, Vesper’s YouTube channel has everything fighting game fans — and Street Fighter fans in particular — can look for. Vesper recently uploaded another video, this time discussing the possibility of a fighting game using Riot Games’ League of Legends IP.

Vesper began his examination by looking at the staff of Rising Thunder — a fighting game released in 2015 that focused on accessibility, while likewise allowing for high-level play. The game was developed by Radiant Entertainment — which was headed by the Cannon Brothers, founders of, the quickly-approaching Evolution Championship Series, and GGPO rollback netcode. The two were also joined by Seth Killian, best known for his work as Capcom’s Community Manager before joining Sony’s Santa Monica Studios.


Rising Thunder was quickly acquired by League of Legends developers Riot Games after just a year of accessibility in its alpha stages, and was subsequently cancelled. Vesper cites Tom Cannon’s official post on the SRK forums concerning this development, where he expressed a desire to bring fighting games to a greater height and believed that Riot could help him achieve that desire. With this information in mind, VesperArcade concludes that Riot picked up the team of fighting game specialists to create one of their own. Due to League of Legends’ unique mechanics and diverse cast of characters, a fighting game using the MOBA’s IP doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

Since Riot Games’ acquisition of Radiant Entertainment two years ago, Rising Thunder has since gone live once more with a “Community Edition.” A statement from the developers was also released at that time, which hinted at another forthcoming project. “All of this is free, and will stay that way forever,” the post read. “In the meantime, our team has moved on to develop something new, and we’ll share that with you when the time is right!”

Will fans see a brand-new fighting game revealed at this year’s Evolution from the Rising Thunder team? Is a League of Legends fighting game truly in store? Only time will tell — and with Evo just a couple of days away, anything is possible.

Source: VesperArcade

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