The U.S. Army is hosting its own Street Fighter V tournament circuit

By on July 26, 2018 at 3:00 pm
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Teaming up with MGM Resorts International, the U.S. Army is set to host a Street Fighter tournament circuit on military bases worldwide.


Did you know that the U.S. Army has a Twitch channel? Neither did we, until they announced a collaboration with MGM Resorts International to bring their very own Street Fighter tournament series to the streaming platform. Brought to us by Army Entertainment, an official agency of the U.S. Department of Defense that provides entertainment to overseas troops, the circuit will take place in eight garrisons around the globe.

The tournament will be streamed on Army Entertainment’s newly-created Twitch channel, and will broadcast four of their eight events. Unstreamed garrisons participating in the series include Fort Riley, USAG Humphreys, USAG Bavaria, and Fort Knox; those being streamed are Fort Bliss on July 28th, Fort Gordon on August 11th, Joint Base Lewis-McChord on August 18th, and Fort Wainwright on August 25th. Each tournament will be held on the bases’ Army Welfare and Recreation Warrior Zones, with randomly-seeded brackets in the traditional double-elimination style.


Soldier vs. soldier.

This competition isn’t open to just anyone, either: only active-duty military personnel across the United States, Germany, and South Korea are qualified to compete in the circuit. This includes shoutcasters and commentators, one of which was announced as Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Jones. Cited by the Army’s statement as “an avid gamer and fellow soldier,” Jones is part of the Military Police, as well as being the Hammond La. Station Commander for the United States Army Recruiting Command.

Much like the Red Bull Conquest series, the champion of each garrison will move on to a finals evet at PAX West in Seattle, Washington, and will be streamed through Army Entertainment’s Twitch channel on September 1st. The champion will receive a slew of winnings, including exclusive Twitch gear and an Army Entertainment esports jersey, a unique tournament coin, a gift card worth $500, and a complimentary, two-day stay at the Mandalay Bay MGM Resort. Not shabby!

Digital warfare.

The Army’s statement divulged that the goal for this tournament series is to “develop Soldiers’ outlook and overall fitness using current technology.” As participants will train using hand-eye coordination, mental focus, and swift reaction time, the Army feels that their overall readiness to help with normal job duties will be improved. An online giveaway will also take place up until the Final, with winners receiving a two-day stay at the Mandalay Bay MGM Resort, a copy of SFV, an Army Entertainment esports jersey, a tournament coin, and a $250 gift card.


With the United States Air Force recently sponsoring TBS’s 2018 ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational, it comes as no surprise that the Army would further delve into Street Fighter. As two of the game’s staple characters hail from the U.S. Air Force, this tournament series couldn’t be more applicable. You can find out more about the giveaway, and subsequent tournament finals, on the Ft. Wainwright webpage. Don’t kid yourself — we know this was all your idea, Guile!

Source: U.S. Army

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