“Footsies” fighting mini-game is now available for Android

By on July 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm

As recently reported, HiFight has released their own fundamentalized, footsies-based fighting game, simply called Footsies. Now, for anyone who saw the game’s simple control scheme and thought “this would be perfect for mobile,” it turns out you’re absolutely right.

HiFight has announced that Footsies is now available for mobile devices running on Android OS. The game’s mobile version features the same gameplay as the PC original. However, it makes use of the mobile touch screen format to allow for two players to play on a single device!

As you can see from the tweet above, multiplayer takes advantage of the mobile touch screen format, using it to create a split screen, head-to-head layout. Both players simply hold different ends of the device to literally face off against each other.

Source: HiFight

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