Low forward your way to victory with Footsies, the ultimate footsies based fighting game from HiFight

By on July 14, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Most people are familiar with HiFight for the various gameplay highlight clips shared on Twitter. However, it turns out that they has something else for fighting game fans — their own game.

In a recent tweet, HiFight announced their own freeware fighting game — Footsies. Here, players only have one attack button, and can only move (walk or dash) either forward or backward. They’re also given 2 normal attacks, a crouching forward kick done by pressing attack, and a standing knee, activated by hitting back and attack. Both of these normal attacks can be cancelled into one of two specials.

The special moves are done by holding down and releasing the attack button. The first of these special moves is a kick reminiscent of Ryu’s “Jōdan Sokutō Geri” from Street Fighter III, done by releasing the attack button without any directions held. The second is a Shoryuken, done by releasing the attack button while pressing either forward or backwards.

The game’s hyper focused gameplay is complimented by its highly abstracted aesthetic. The characters are simple, pixelated outlines, with animations based on Ryu from Street Fighter III. 

In a way, the game takes a similar approach to Divekick. The main difference here is that its core mechanics are built around a more familiar mold — the the footsies and neutral game of games like Street Fighter.

Footsies is available over on HiFight’s github.

Source: HiFight

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