ARIKA shares details on the incoming Fighting EX Layer patch

By on July 3, 2018 at 9:00 am

Last week, ARIKA announced that a patch was incoming for Fighting EX Layer; now, they’ve dropped additional details on what the patch may be addressing. In a series of tweets on the game’s official Twitter account, ARIKA have listed possible changes that are coming to the game in the patch, based on people’s feedback.

The changes include fixes for training mode (possibly including the After Guard recovery issue that our own Crow_Spaceboy reported on), as well as the aforementioned character bug fixes, as well as some others. We’ve compiled these all below.

Fighting EX Layer upcoming patch fixes


– There is a stage where process dropout occurs when having Online Match (not all but some PS4)
We are very sorry but we will remove this stage from Online Match until we figure out the problem.

– Hit Status of Sanane’s “Yayoitoukongi”
▼Changed the all 5 hits status to “Blow Off” (In Japanese we call it “Fukitobi” but I did not know what to call it in English, sorry)

– Bug of Hit/Throwing moves
▼Fixed her throwing move (ignoring a distance)

– “Desperation” Gougi was applied to Hard Attack.
▼We will modify so as not to apply.

– Because of Hayate’s Atemi, some moves were not able to hit so we will modify this.

– There was a mistake in the method of displaying the Training flame so we will fix it.

These might not be all the changes in the patch however, as they’ve also stated that there may be more changes that they will share once the patch is out.

Additionally, ARIKA has also stated that they are listening to players’ feedback and considering their suggestions, but that implementing these might take time.

Fighting EX Layer is currently available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Fighting EX Layer (Twitter)

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