Hidden changes in version 3.051? Akuma has a new weakness to watch for after the Street Fighter V update

By on June 28, 2018 at 10:00 am

Take note, those who walk the Demon’s Path.

Even though Capcom provided patch notes for the version 3.051 update that arrived on Monday — bringing us Cody, alongside a slew of other content — it appears they once again have neglected to mention a change that is, in actuality, quite significant to Akuma players. It seems the frame data on his powerful standing medium kick has been altered, allowing for punishes when blocked that weren’t possible before.

FChamp shared some examples on Twitter of how deadly the change of -4 frames on block — from the prior -2 — can be…


This is hardly the limit of the punish opportunities depending on the opponent, so Akuma mains will want to be more cautious how they apply their pressure with that knee.

Source: FChamp (Twitter)

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