Get ready for the arrival of Fighting EX Layer with this launch trailer from ARIKA

By on June 28, 2018 at 8:00 am
fighting ex layer fexl logo

After over a year of waiting, what may be the greatest April Fool’s joke ever played on the fighting game community is finally here, as a finished game. Fighting EX Layer, ARIKA’s “April Fool’s” joke that turned out to be a real title in development, is now available for purchase on PlayStation 4. Look for it on the PSN Store.

To celebrate the launch of Fighting EX Layer, ARIKA has dropped the following trailer for us to enjoy!

Combining classic characters from Street Fighter EX with an experimental new “Gougi deck” system, Fighting EX Layer is available in “Light” and “Standard” flavors. The former features the 12 launch characters and 5 Gougi decks. The latter, on the other hand, adds in DLC character Hokuto and 15 Gougi decks.


[Editor’s note: At time of writing, the game still hasn’t appeared on North America’s PSN for purchase; watch for it to arrive sometime today, June 28th.]

Source: ARIKA

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