New bug fixes and other changes added along with Cody today in Street Fighter V’s version 3.051 update

By on June 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm
SFV AE Splash Art

Some old bugs squashed, along with the new content.

Street Fighter V servers are back up and today’s new content is available for players to try; this includes Cody, the new Fighting Chance “lootbox” feature, a revamped Survival Mode, the Ring of Power stage, and a selection of new costumes. Capcom also has shown again they love to sneak in bug fixes (and balance changes) along with these updates, and today is no exception. read the full patch notes from CFN below.

The following new content/DLC is now available.

● The mini-game “Fighting Chance” has been added to the Shop.
— Get your fortune read to receive various lucky items.
Note: Requires FM

● Survival Mode Redesign
— “Random” can be selected from “Enemy Order,” in which the DLC characters will also appear.
— Battle Items obtained from Fighting Chance can be used.
— The V-Gauge will transfer over between stages.
— Added the ability to quit Survival Mode while saving your current progress.
— Can continue by using FM (start with all gauges maxed out).
— Obtain Battle Items upon clearing Survival Mode.

● Character
— Cody

● Additional Content
— Additional Costume (“Story”): Cody
— Additional Costume (“Battle Outfit 1”): Cody
— Additional Costume (“Nostalgia”): Cody
— Additional Costume (“Dante”): Ken
— Additional Costume (“Nero”): Ed
— Additional Costume (“Cannon Spike”): Cammy (can also be obtained in Fighting Chance)
— Additional Stage: Ring of Power
Note: Those who purchased the Capcom Pro Tour: 2018 Premier Pass will be able to select 
this content after the update has completed.

Additional notes

When canceling into her CA The Nefertem from Soul Sphere from a normal move cancel, as the command for The Nefertem must be completed immediately after Soul Sphere hits, the cancel timing was quite difficult.
⇒Changed so that the command can be input in advance while she is in possession of the crystal ball, making it easier to perform the CA under the corresponding conditions.

After performing Soul Sphere – Ankh, when performing her V-Skill Soul Reflect from a normal move cancel to match the timing of the returning crystal ball, the V-Skill would not come out.
⇒Changed so that the command can be input in advance while she is in possession of the crystal ball, making it easier to perform her V-Skill under the corresponding conditions.

When canceling into Windstoss immediately after the startup of Luftjagd, there was a phenomenon where Falke would remain in the air. 
⇒Fixed so that the startup of Luftjagd cannot be canceled into Windstoss. 

[R. Mika]
For Steel Chair and Fightin’ Dirty, Nadeshiko’s collision boxes were reduced, so there was a phenomenon where an opponent who took blowback damage would pass through her in the upwards direction.
⇒Fixed to expand Nadeshiko’s collision boxes during Steel Chair and Fightin’ Dirty.

L Gohadoken had a different hurtbox timing than that of the other strengths. 
⇒Fixed to unify the hurtbox of L Gohadoken with that of the M and H versions.

When in V-Trigger I Denjin Renki, if Ryu did his Shoryuken as the V-Timer ran out, he was not able to cancel into his CA Shinku Hadoken.
⇒Fixed so that Ryu can cancel from Shoryuken into CA Shinku Hadoken even if the V-Timer runs out during the process.

Could not cancel the last hit of Frost Spike into her V-Trigger I Diamond Dust. 
⇒Fixed so that Kolin can cancel the last hit of Frost Spike into her V-Trigger I Diamond Dust.

When Thunder Clap hits at the same time as M or EX Bolt Charge and stuns the opponent, if she performs Split River or Rodeo Break, a phenomenon occurred where the animation will play but the opponent will not take damage.
⇒Fixed so that if the opponent goes into stun when M or EX Bolt Charge hits, Laura will not be able to perform Split River or Rodeo Break.

Source: CFN Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.