Core-A-Gaming looks at how UYU’s NL and Oil King are dealing with buffs and nerfs in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on June 18, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Learn how two of Team UYU’s finest are coping with the good and bad of Season 3.5’s balance changes.

In his latest video, Core-A-Gaming interviews two of the top players in the Capcom Pro Tour today, Team UYU’s NL and OilKing, about how they’re dealing with the buffs and nerfs their characters received in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Season 3.5 balance patch. In the case of Oil King, Rashid — considered by many to be the absolute best character in Season 3 —  was hit massively with the nerf bat; meanwhile, NL’s main Cammy was given another round of buffs (much to the chagrin of many community members).

At Saigon Cup last April (which took place around three weeks after the mid-season balance patches were implemented) Core-A-Gaming interviewed both of these teammates for their thoughts on Capcom’s adjustments to their favorite fighters. Oil King was annoyed that his character was changed so drastically halfway through the Pro Tour, but swore to press on, as fans identified him with Rashid — though he was not above adding other World Warriors such as Falke to his roster to assist in now-unfavorable match-ups. But NL, who picked up his first win of the Season at Saigon Cup, spoke on the importance he places on tier lists and the hate that can come with winning using a top-class fighter.

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