New SoulCalibur VI Yoshimitsu gameplay footage — and the game’s release date may be announced at E3

By on June 11, 2018 at 3:35 pm

Motohiro Okubo is a busy man. In his third interview at E3, this time with YouTube’s Geoff Keighley, Okubo revealed additional details about the game, and showed off exclusive footage of SoulCalibur VI.

One interesting tidbit that Okubo dropped is regarding guest characters. He revealed that Geralt is indeed intergrated into the game’s story, and he’s a character that is on the disc of the game (or rather, included digitally). Okubo does not rule out the possibility that more guest characters can come as downloadable content. The latter part of the conversation turned to SoulCalibur VI‘s development progress. Okubo said that the release date “may” be revealed during E3 — again, he didn’t say this with absolute certainty.

For what it’s worth though, this was also our first look at another returning fighter, Yoshimitsu, prominently featured in gameplay clips against Geralt and others.

In another interview, Okubo confirmed that Character Creation Mode will return to the series. Stay tuned to Shoryuken as more details emerge around SoulCalibur VI and other games.

Source: gameslice

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