Twin-stick controller for Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON possibly coming to PlayStation 4

By on June 10, 2018 at 12:00 pm

While Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON represented something of a rebirth for the series on consoles, for some core players, the release was missing something: a proper twin-stick controller.

Now, it seems that that may change. Tanita has announced that they are considering releasing a twin-stick controller specifically for Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON.

The so called “Twin-Stick Project” aims to create a PlayStation 4 controller that mimics the original twin-stick setup from the original VIRTUAL-ON arcade machines. The new twin-sticks are said to be able to work in 8 directions, instead of the 4 of the originals. Additionally, Tanita says that they want to make the stick’s internals as easy to customize and repair as possible.

Originally a manufacturer of “health machines”, the Twin-Stick Project is Tanita’s first foray into the world of video game accessories. As part of this, Sega themselves will be assisting them with the creation of the twin-stick, should production actually commence.

Source: Tanita via Siliconera

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