Core-A Gaming makes the case for arcade sticks

By on June 4, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Arcade sticks are an integral part of fighting game culture, thanks to the genre’s roots in arcades. That said, with the success that a number of players have had with control pads, on top of the general advice for players to play on what they’re comfortable with, newer players may question the wisdom of investing money in a hefty arcade stick.

In this new video, Core-A Gaming takes a look at arcade sticks, and makes an argument for them. A good deal of the video focuses not just on performance, but on how customizable they are — how they can allow a player to tailor their stick to their preferences in both performance and aesthetics. He also provides a good introduction to some of the many variations and permutations of arcade stick out there.

Source: Core-A Gaming

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