BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s Kanji can glitch out a win with his lightning attacks

By on June 1, 2018 at 2:00 pm

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is already out in Japan, so certain people have their hands on characters from Character Pack 1 that weren’t in the beta: Kanji, Orie, Platinum, and Blake. Since these characters were not in the beta, it may not be so surprising that people discovered a game-winning bug with Persona 4‘s Bloodcurling Beefcake, Kanji.

UltraTien posted a clip of the bug, which they can intentionally trigger. The unfortunate victim of the online match ends up eternally frozen in a lightning shock, unable to even Cross Burst out of this. All that remains is to wait until the timer runs out. This exploit works with Kanji and either Blake or Jin, a tipper told SRK in a message. It seems to happen from Kanji’s command grab, and then an assist from either of the two characters — they’ve tested other fighters, but it only worked with Blake or Jin.

The BBTAG beta also saw a partner bug which let a player control both characters at once. Let’s hope Arc System Works is gathering information, and that they will rectify Kanji’s “secret weapon” as soon as possible.

Thanks to Emily for sending in the tip.

Source: UltraTien

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