New competitive-minded performance controller “SCUF Vantage” revealed for PlayStation 4

By on May 22, 2018 at 3:00 pm

In the market for a more serious, “competitive-minded” controller for the PlayStation 4? SCUF Gaming thinks they have the product for you in the form of the new “SCUF Vantage” controller.

With this officially licensed product, SCUF Gaming told that they believe players will “enjoy a wide range of customization options that optimize comfort and gameplay performance, delivering both precision and flexibility for a variety of playstyles.”

Those with light wallets, be warned: The wired-only (USB) model runs $169.95 USD, and the wireless (Bluetooth)/wired is $199.95 USD. Both models include a suite of interchangeable parts and a high-speed braided micro-USB cable, and the wireless/wired model also includes a protection and travel case — which you’ll want, since this controller is more expensive than some Arcade Sticks currently on the market.

SCUF Gaming justifies the high cost with a list of luxury attributes:

  • Paddle control system with four removable back paddles
  • A quick-access remapping switch
  • Customizable thumb sticks with 3 different heights in either a concave or convex configuration
  • Adjustable hair triggers
  • Trigger stops and extenders
  • Choice of d-pads
  • Interchangeable magnetic face-plate
  • Side-mounted right and left “Sax” buttons, designed to fit the natural placement of a player’s fingers.
  • Advanced audio control for wired connection — a swipe of the audio touch bar adjusts the volume while players can keep their hands on the controller
  • Removable vibration modules — players can reduce the weight of the controller and lessen hand fatigue

Despite this, there’s already considerable backlash over the SCUF Vantage for its eerily similar layout to the Xbox Elite Pad. For some, no amount of bells and whistles can outweigh the placement of a thumbstick.

What do you think? Is this new pro controller worth the price of admission, or is there no advantage offered by the SCUF Vantage?


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