Is Street Fighter V the most top-heavy fighter in over a decade? Twin Galaxies discusses the game’s character (im)balance

By on May 12, 2018 at 4:00 pm
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No items. Guile only. Air Force Base.

The Street Fighter V tier situation — that is, the disparity between what the characters that are considered high tier, and the characters that are considered low tier, can accomplish in the game — is a pretty hot topic at the moment. It leads to the perception that some players are now professing: the game’s top tiers are too good, and be it due to the game’s overall mechanics, or individual character tools, or both, the lower tiers just aren’t “viable” enough.

While many players call for balancing via buffing weaknesses rather than nerfing strengths, Capcom has always been very liberal with the application of the nerf bat on SFV, often in somewhat cryptic ways. In this article on Twin Galaxies (as part of the Life of a Low-Tier Hero series) Jeff Kotuby argues that the result is a situation where the “haves” outstrip the “have-nots” so completely that there’s only one way to assure victory and enjoyment in SFV: pick a top tier.

Now, who is exactly in the current “haves” club is also open to debate: Guile, Cammy, Akuma, and Abigail are regular mentions as examples of how “top-heavy” SFV has become. Kotuby themselves talks about how they’ve gotten greater success and fun out of the game by dropping Ryu for Akuma — which other Ryu mains have as well, if they haven’t dropped SFV altogether. But what if you want to be a “low tier hero” and win with a have-not? Kotuby links to some Twin Galaxies resources to help you take that approach as well.

Read the full article here. Is Street Fighter V imbalanced to the point of being broken? Are there some mid-to-high tier fighters still being slept on? Sound off in the comments.


Source: Twin Galaxies Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.