VesperArcade discusses Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition DLC character releases: Should they be stronger out of the gate?

By on May 11, 2018 at 5:00 pm
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It’s almost safe to say at this point that as far as Season 3 of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is concerned, three of the six announced DLC characters have received a less-than-stellar reaction from the community. Longtime fan-favorites Sakura and Blanka have been deemed too weak or too “honest” for the way SFVAE is “meant” to be played. Series newcomer, Falke, was greatly anticipated by some to be a successor to Rolento from Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Ultra Street Fighter IV; upon release, players discovered that not only does she not play at all like Rolento, but she is also slow, has mediocre damage output outside of her V-Triggers, and suffers from having some weird hit and hurt box problems.

While most agree that Falke is interesting and “fun,” her competitive future seems to be up in the air already, and she hasn’t even been out for a month yet! Of course there is still Falke tech trickling out on social media, and new characters take time to figure out — some judgement should be out on hold until more players try her out online and at local and major tournaments. Also, all is not lost when it comes to Season 3 characters: two more fan favorites, Cody and Sagat — and newcomer G — have yet to be released, so hopefully their releases will turn some people around…

With that being said, in VesperArcade’s latest video, he opens up a discussion concerning Capcom’s plans for the rest of the season three DLC characters and beyond. He talks about how Capcom should consider taking a risk to make their characters stronger, but not “overpowered” upon their launch. They discuss the idea that Capcom should have a beta test, or make the new character free to try out, before their actual release. He also weighs the pros and cons if Capcom decides to go down that path.

Source: VesperArcade