Catch some Blake footage and full movelist rundown from the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle tournaments at KSB 2018

By on May 7, 2018 at 12:00 pm

KSB (KVO x TSB) 2018 took place in Japan last weekend, a fusion of Japanese and American efforts in the fighting game scene, and one of the main attractions was the latest build of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. It featured a few fighters from one of the Character Packs — Kanji, Platinum, and Orie, along with the RWBY member Blake.

Although we’ve seen a gameplay overview of Blake, we haven’t really had a chance to get many impressions of her. Thankfully, KSB attendee, Rurouni, was there to experiment with the character. Their BBTAG Blake overview is a fairly in-depth guide of her abilities and normal attacks. She has some very good pokes, and her jC attack is very interesting: it’s a type of a teleport, blink-strike (which, story-wise, is consistent with her skills, which also include shadow clones). Some of her special attacks, translated as “Shadow Kick,” “Shadow Pounce,” and “Shadow Trick,” have multiple follow-ups which can be done even on whiff. She can also make three types of clones, Stone, Shadow, and Fire. The first one blocks an attack, the second masks her movements a little (some properties may not be discovered yet) and the last one is an explosive EX version of the move.

Check out a picture captured by St1ckBuG of Blake’s movelist, and review the action below from KSB to see Blake as well as other fighters in action. The BBTAG beta starts on Wednesday for those who pre-order the game from PSN.


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Sources: KSB 2018; St1ckBuG; Rurouni (Google Docs)

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