Fans show their love for Rival Schools in this huge 20th Anniversary Art Tribute

By on May 1, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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Over 200 pieces of spectacular fan art to peruse!

Following the success of their fan art collection to honor Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary (which gathered a massive amount of impressive artwork), Instagram’s @streetfighterlegacy decided to follow up with the same gameplan for the 20th anniversary of Capcom’s other fighting game franchise: Rival Schools. And the results are equally — if not more — spectacular. The love for this Street Fighter sister-series is going strong!

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You can view the RIVAL SCHOOLS 20TH ANNIVERSARY ART TRIBUTE as a digital artbook over on issuu. It features 204 slides of Rival Schools greatness. Here are some words from StreetFighterLegacy’s Pete Pearce about the project:

After the success of our “Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Art Tribute”, an also-beloved Capcom fighting game “Rival Schools” is in its 20th anniversary year. I felt we needed to celebrate this often-forgotten and underappreciated game. As my inbox fills up with artwork from our users daily for reposting, I decided to set a challenge to our followers to create an online art tribute. This tribute will only available online, and will be FREE for everyone to view. For the moment we will not be producing any physical copies.

Like with the “Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Art Tribute”, our ethos for this was all-inclusiveness. So every person that submitted a piece that adhered to the rules was included. (Rules being that it had to be “family friendly”, that was not a redrew or reproduction of existing art and created specifically for this project, and not available online before.) I didn’t want this to be elitist. Everyone was welcome, no matter of style or skill level. This has brought in a wide rage of art.

I was a little worried that this project would not reach the volume of submissions like we had for the “Street Fighter” one, but to my pleasant surprise the art came in waves and has exceeded the amount of submissions from its predecessor. This in turns warms my heart, as I have a great affinity for this retro gem of a game, and the number of artists who backed this project proved I am not alone.

Feast your eyes on these samples of the work on display in the RIVAL SCHOOLS 20TH ANNIVERSARY ART TRIBUTE:

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Source: issuu via StreetFighterLegacy Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.