“ELEAGUE The Challenger: Street Fighter V” reality TV show airs its first trailer, reveals guest star Lupe Fiasco

By on April 18, 2018 at 1:30 pm

Street Fighter V personalities collide, and a famous guest is approaching…

ELEAGUE The Challenger: Street Fighter V is approaching quickly. The show debuts this Friday night on TBS, starring seven distinct personalities from the fighting game community who will live together, fight together, and talk smack together. The up-and-coming players compete for high stakes: an opportunity to join the upcoming ELEAGUE tournament and a chance to win $250,000.

The participants include: Commander Jesse, LowTierGod, Sherry Jenix, gllty, BigBossDayasha, RobTV, and JB. Tasty Steve and Sajam act as hosts for the show. Check out the latest trailer below to get a taste — and catch the debut on TBS and Twitch at 11:00 PM ET/PT this Friday, April 20th.

But that’s not everything! Grammy-winning musician Lupe Fiasco, who has made several appearances in the fighting game community (which included a victory in the 2017 ELEAGUE Celebrity Showdown), will crash the show on its third episode. That one will air on May 4th. Check out the preview below to see how words and punches will clash…

Source: ELEAGUE (YouTube)

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