New My Hero Academia One’s Justice screenshots show off Tomura Shigaraki

By on April 17, 2018 at 11:00 am

Bandai Namco recently released a new batch of screenshots for My Hero Academia One’s Justice that showed off a new character joining the game’s cast: Tomura Shigaraki.

Leader of the League of Villains, Tomura Shigaraki uses is “Decay” quirk to make his opponents rot. In game, this means that every hit from it starts a countdown to decide the target’s fate. Getting four consecutive hits of this move will immediately bring their health down to zero.

In addition to this, the screenshots also show off more of the game’s “Sidekick System”. This system basically works like the assist characters system in other fighting games, with players able to select a “sidekick” who they can call on to provide support with the press of a button.

Here’s Bandai Namco’s official description of them.

Tomura Shigaraki

The leader of the League of Villains is Tomura Shigaraki! Using his quirk “Decay,” he will make his opponents rot and won’t hesitate to destroy anyone who stands in his way. For every consecutive hit of his special skill, a countdown starts to decide your opponent’s fate! When this special attack hits 4-times in a row, it will automatically decrease the opponent’s HP to 0!

Sidekick System

In the new Sidekick System feature, players will cooperate with two sidekicks in a fight turning the tide of battle! They can pair with a character of their choice and with one button they will receive various support from them. This is a perfect way to increase your odds in battle by creating devastating combos!

You can check out the screenshots of Tomura Shigaraki and the “Sidekick System” below.

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My Hero Academia One’s Justice is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, and Xbox One (except in Japan, where it’s a PlayStation 4 and Switch exclusive) sometime in  2018.

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