Body Count Fighting gives pre-match analysis for BCF5’s Dragon Ball FighterZ featured matches

By on April 4, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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The upcoming SoCal region Title Event, BCF5, will feature all-star matches up and down the card. Of the three games with top tier matches, the most-represented title is Dragon Ball FighterZ — and it’s no surprise when you see the skill level of the players showing up.

  • dekillsage (champion) vs. Perfect Legend — Title Match
  • Tatsunical vs. Richard Nguyen
  • Supernoon vs. Kizzie Kay
  • Cloud805 vs. NerdJosh

Each of the above matches promises to be a spectacle. As the boys over at Body Count Fighting point out, each of the above players have preformed exceedingly well in tournaments, and most are names with weight beyond just DBFZ. It’s easy to see the winner of any of the under-card matches getting a shot at whoever wins between Perfect Legend and Dekillsage — who do you think that’ll be?

Source: Body Count Fighting

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