Fighting EX Layer’s latest trailer reveals new characters Sanane and Hayate, DLC plans

By on March 31, 2018 at 4:26 pm

Fighting EX Layer started off as an April Fool’s joke, and this year has come full circle by using the date for blatantly real announcements. Its developer, ARIKA, released a trailer on April 1st (in Japan) showing off a glimpse of the recently revealed Shadowgeist’s capabilities. They also revealed two new characters: Sanane, who appears to play much like Street Fighter EX2‘s Nanase, and sword-wielding Hayate.

ARIKA president Akira Nishitani went further to state that they were open to adding DLC characters based off the success of sales with the title. He hinted that on the table for DLC were Street Fighter EX favorites Pullum, Area, Sharon, and Volcano Rosso.

Source: arika

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