ELEAGUE’s Street Fighter V 2018 Invitational showcases five nights of action with a $250,000 prize [UPDATED]

By on March 29, 2018 at 8:30 am

After last year’s ELEAGUE Street Fighter V action, it’s time to rekindle the high-octane esports event for the Arcade Edition of the game. The esports organization is now announcing their Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 2018 invitational, that pits high-level competitors against a high-stakes prize: $250,000, as well as fame and glory, of course.

We don’t know yet who the players are, but the event invites “24 best players from around the world,” so surely many of the prominent SFV competitors that we would expect will be invited. ELEAGUE is partnering up with Twitch and TBS to broadcast the action, starting on Friday, June 1st. Every Friday the matches will be aired on Twitch first, and then later broadcasted on TBS.

That’s not all, however. ELEAGUE’s new component invites fans, amateurs, and other pro competitors to take a stab at the event. The ELEAGUE x Battlefy: Street Fighter V Open uses the Battlefy platform to host online tournaments to determine two ultimate winners, who will receive a sponsored trip to Atlanta for the Grand Finals. The Battlefy Open involves two seasons over five consecutive weekends. An optional preseason event on April 14th and 15th will explain the platform in more detail.

In addition, there will be several variety shows on TBS, listed below under “Featured Shows”:


UPDATE: Register for the Battlefy open at https://battlefy.com/eleague.

Stay tuned to Shoryuken as we learn more information about the event and the 24 competing players.


Source: ELEAGUE [press release]

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