BornFree talks to MenaRD about Street Fighter V stardom, hard work, and how victory at Capcom Cup 2017 changed his life

By on March 22, 2018 at 11:00 am

BornFree had a great opportunity for a first-time interview with a rising star in the fighting game community. At Final Round, the FGC YouTuber caught up with none other than RISE|MenaRD, the Dominican Republic star who burst onto the world stage after a tremendous victory at Capcom Cup 2017.

The interview opens with the big question about that event, and how it changed MenaRD’s life. The victory dramatically changed his and his family’s financial situation, and helped him travel and compete more. MenaRD established a team called Santo Domingo Tigers, that seeks to elevate the profile of Dominican Republic esports competitors. Next, BornFree turns the conversation to thoughts about the balance of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. MenaRD speaks up about Abigail — who, in his opinion, is not playing the same game as all the other characters. He outright says that Abigail shouldn’t be in the game.

The rest of the conversation covers which characters MenaRD likes to play, his relations with the community at large, and his training regimen.

BornFree also recently posted an interview with GO1.

Source: BornFree

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