MarkMan talks about Evo game selection, trying to please the fans, and building relationships with fighting game publishers

By on February 8, 2018 at 9:30 am
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The announcement of the games for Evo always tends to cause a lot of discussion within the fighting game community. While some players are happy that the game of their choice made it in, others are saddened that theirs did not (and a few even use it to disparage other players’ choice of games).

In a series of tweets, Mark “MarkMan” Julio, global head of business development for Evo, has shared a number of insights about the selection process for games at Evo. One of the biggest points that MarkMan addresses is how Evo has grown beyond just being a tournament series, and how it’s now become a place for fighting game companies to interact with their hardcore fans.

That said, he also addresses the fact that they do have to seek permission to get games onto the main roster, and that sometimes they don’t get it.

MarkMan also addresses the fact that they can’t really host more than 8 to 9 games at Evo, and that as a result, some people will feel left out. He himself can relate, citing the times where he was frustrated that a Tekken title wasn’t included in the roster, and as such has extended an apology to players whose favorite games aren’t at Evo.

As part of this, he also states that they do try their best to provide a place for games that aren’t on the main roster — on either on the stage or on stream.

He then states that he does hope to improve relations with other companies so that they can get better representation at Evo.

He also reiterates just how important support from fighting game companies is in terms of “reaching that ideal.”

He ends his statements with a bit of thanks to both the people who attend Evo, and those like him who make it happen…

This is just a selection of what he talks about; check out his complete statements over on Twitter.

Source: MarkMan (Twitter)

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