The final issue of UDON’s Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers comic series is in stores today!

By on January 31, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Don’t miss the grand finale to UDON’s cross-universe rumble!

At long last, UDON Entertainment’s comic crossover saga Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers has reached its conclusion! The final installment of the limited series — issue #8 — has arrived in stores today. Here’s UDON’s story synopsis:

The frighteningly furious fighting game crossover comes to its chaotic conclusion! The demonic Jedah’s master plan threatens not only the World Warriors and the Night Warriors, but the universe itself! It’s the final chapter of STREET FIGHTER VS. DARKSTALKERS!

Well, aside from the grand scope of Jedah’s threat, that doesn’t tell us very much. But these preview pages offer a better glimpse into what to expect in this final issue:

Grab your own copy of Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #8 at your local comic book store, or online at Focus Attack or comiXology.

Source: UDON Entertainment Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.