Red Bull Kumite 2018 announced at Evo Japan

By on January 30, 2018 at 8:00 am

While most of the announcements for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition at Evo Japan were in regards to its Monster Hunter: World crossover content, there was one that was more relevant to the game’s competitors. At Evo Japan 2018, it was announced that the Red Bull Kumite would once again return in 2018.

The fourth edition of the Red Bull Kumite will now take place on November 11. This is a change from the event’s usual spring schedule. As per the previous events, Red Bull Kumite will still take place in Paris, France. Also taking place in Paris is the last chance qualifier, set for November 10, 2018 — the day before the Kumite, naturally.

In addition to this, a Red Bull Kumite qualifier series for Japan was also announced. The qualifiers will begin later this spring, and will take place in various venues around the country before finally culminating in a final qualifying tournament. The winner of this will gain automatic entry into Red Bull Kumite in France!

Source: Evo Japan (stream)

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