Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition roundup — Ryu breakdown, Nash V-Trigger II, Akuma meaties and more

By on January 23, 2018 at 11:00 am
sfv opening ryu

So you’ve had the weekend to grind out in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. While the early days were dominated by combo videos and content breakdowns (of course!), we are now starting to see more meaties and pressure guides trickle in. Let’s see what direction SFV:AE content is heading with today’s video roundup!

There’s something of a meme going around about the perceived strength of Abigail’s new VT2. If you are one of those players ready to pick up the giant Canadian for gimmick power alone, then rooflemonger‘s series of Abigail tutorials for AE should help you!

True to the character’s design, Y. Xiao shows off the high damage versatility of Menat’s new V-Trigger.

He’s also submitted some combos and setups for Urien’s new V-Trigger.

You may remember JusticeSoulTuna‘s Juri breakdown from an earlier roundup. Here he explores more thoroughly the best ways to squeeze damage out of VT-1.

World Warrior FGC shows off new damage opportunties and meaty setups for Akuma’s new cancel-heavy V-Trigger 2.

AutoMattock is absolutely floored by the new set-play possibilities of season 3 Kolin.

desk tackled Nash for purely flashy-combo-video related reasons, and who can blame him?

And last but not least, VesperArcade goes over the much-anticipated Ryu changes in S3, and shows off some starter combos for Sakura.

If you see anything worth sharing, let us know by submitting a tip for our next roundup!

Sources: rooflemonger; Y. Xiao; JusticeSoulTuna; World Warrior FGC; AutoMattock; desk; VesperArcade

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