OminousGames demystifies Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s patch notes with unlisted notable changes for the entire cast

By on January 21, 2018 at 3:00 pm
SFV Arcade Edition

When Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s patch notes leaked earlier this month, before subsequently being released in their final form one week before launch, Capcom was, to be blunt, less than clear on many of the upcoming character alterations. With extremely vague wording on various subjects, particularly when it came to many characters seeing adjustments to the hitboxes and hurtboxes on their normals, it was extremely difficult for players to determine how their favorite warriors would be turning out in Season 3. Thankfully, with the release of the new online tool sfvdiff, it’s recently become much easier to look directly in the game’s code to decipher the exact nature of some of these seemingly-minute changes, and Ominous Games has been doing just that on Twitter.

After looking through the scripts for each of the game’s 28 rebalanced world warriors, Ominous has posted lists of all of the most significant changes for each character not covered in the patch notes, noting whether each individual change was a buff or a nerf. These range from specifically listing out altered numerical values, such as how Ken’s walkspeed increase now provides him with the same forward movement speed as Cammy, to exactly how much less V-Gauge certain characters’ V-Skills build following their nerfs. With the entire cass accounted for, Ominous has collected all of the Tweets, as well as relevant comments explaining the ramifications of certain changes further into a single Moment on Twitter, for the world’s viewing pleasure.

These are undeniably a fantastic companion to the official patch notes, and may teach you a few new things about your characters that you haven’t discovered yet, so be sure to take a look and give him some love for his hard work.

Source: OminousGames (Twitter)

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