Up your game with this Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition roundup

By on January 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm

With Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in everyone’s hands, the amount of content for the title has ramped up in the last few days.  Like usual, there is just too much content for us to put into individual posts, so to save you — as well as us — time in gathering all your info, we’ve put it into one single article for your consumption.

First off, let’s look at Sakura, the newest character in Arcade Edition. First off, rooflemonger has posted a great tutorial that not only goes over her basics and her specials, but also specific tips such as her non-moving tick throw.

Next up, VesperArcade has a combo guide for Sakura, which will tell you some of the most optimal combos that we currently know for the character.

On the general side of things, here is a remixed version of the Street Fighter V Arcade Edition classic themes.

Desk has also been busy lately, inventing new impractical and crazy combos. Here’s some of what he’s concocted with R. Mika.

Want to know how Balrog is working with his new V-Trigger, which is reminiscent of his Dirty Bull Ultra in Street Fighter IV? Brian_F just posted up some of his ranked matches that he’s played while using it.

There’s some changes to Bison in Season 3, and this video showcases some of his new crush counter setups that are available this season.

Next up is a great combo guide for both Guile and Nash, focusing on what the duo can do with their respective V-Trigger II.

Chun-Li has yo-yoed from top to bottom tier to possibly back to top tier again. She has definitely regained her title of World’s Strongest Woman this season, and this combo video showcases what she is capable of.

It’s pretty clear that Laura has not changed much this season. She still looks like she’s as strong as she was in Season 2, but this video showcases what all has changed and also pays close attention to her new V-Trigger.

Finally, VesperArcade goes over some of the latest news for Arcade Edition, including beating Shin Akuma and the potential that G really is Q.

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