Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition roundup: Juri’s buffed target combo, Ryu stun resets, and more!

By on January 18, 2018 at 2:00 pm
Juri SFV Kick

We’re into another day of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition! While players are still largely experimenting with the combo potential of the new V-Triggers, we are starting to see more exploration of resets, new character options, and more. If you missed the day one video round up, you can check that out here!

So what has the community created today? Well, starting us off is The Prince‘s demonstration of M. Bison’s new V-Trigger II stun resets.

Swillo & BimmyQuestion show off a few BnBs from the new Vega V-Trigger.

Meanwhile, El Chakotay has a comprehensive breakdown of R. Mika’s new quality of life.

Juri’s new V-Trigger, “Feng Shui Engine Beta,” is the subject of marlonlonmilk’s latest video.

JST is also on the Juri Hype train, covering her new new damage opportunities with the (now 2-bar) V-Trigger I.

NurseLee has been making the most of Ryu’s new stun/reset synergy. Beware, low stun characters!

He’s not the only one enjoying Ryu, though. Impractical combo God desk took the world warrior for a spin, too.

MrSlaynman covers Zangief’s new V-Trigger, which gives him buffed SPD damage, and an announcer that’s constantly losing his mind.

Chun-Li’s damage output is looking just fine in Brian Kasugano‘s new combo video for Season 3.

World-Warrior‘s “Upgrade Your Arsenal” series starts S3 off with (perhaps unsurprisingly for any of World-Warrior’s followers) Ken’s Shinryuken combos.

And lastly, Peter Souvannarath has an entire playlist of Dhalsim tech centered around meaty VTII setups.

If you see anything worth sharing, let us know by submitting a tip for our next roundup!

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