Strike back at the deadly Shin Akuma in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Extra Battle: Tips from Frabisaur & BornFree

By on January 17, 2018 at 11:00 am
shin akuma strikes sfv ae demon

A classic boss returns to Street Fighter with a vengeance.

shin akuma strikes sfv ae

The first challenge in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s new Extra Battle mode — “Shin Akuma Strikes!” — is a tough-as-nails one-and-done deathmatch against the CPU-controlled boss of the same name. This powered-up monstrosity (who is also hidden in Arcade Mode) sports high aggression, heavy damage, an infinite V-Gauge, and a Shun Goku Satsu ready to go immediately — not to mention SFV’s sometimes-seemingly-psychic Survival Mode AI. At 1000 FM per attempt, this can be a costly battle if you aren’t careful.

But Shin Akuma, like any Street Fighter boss, is far from infallible — actually the opposite, his fondness for fireballs is his undoing. In the video below, BornFree shows how to take down the boss: in a nutshell, keep your cool and keep it simple. Timed jump-in combos to punish his fireballs are the way to go, but you need to be careful and patient, because if you get too close you’re asking for an instant Raging Demon. Shin Akuma seems to have some unusual properties to his moves that make things you expect to be punishable not punishable, so if you get too antsy to counterattack he will surprise you with even more hurt.

Check out the video description and comments for more tips. Some Menat and Urien players have had some fun turning the tables on his fireball barrage with reflects, too!

But that’s not all: Frabisaur of The Fighter’s Dojo also wants to help keep Capcom from stealing your Fight Money, and he found a viable approach to “lock” Shin Akuma into an full-screen fireball pattern, exploitable using Nash’s Moonsault Slash! Check it out:

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