Capcom details Street Fighter V’s Extra Battle mode and earning crossover costumes

By on December 15, 2017 at 9:00 am

One of the new features being added to the Arcade Edition update for Street Fighter V is the long awaited Extra Battle mode. Now, Capcom has given out the details of not just how this mode works, but on how players can use it to earn some of the new crossover costumes.

Extra Battle is a new spin on how Capcom does weekly challenges for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Instead of just awarding Fight Money, Extra Battle allows players to directly work towards earning one of the update’s new crossover costumes. These costumes are based on other Capcom franchises, including some classic ones. Check these out in the gallery below.

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Every month, there will be a series of four weekly challenges in Extra Battle that players must complete. If a player completes all four of these challenges, then the crossover costume for that month is theirs. The first of these to go up for grabs will be the Viewtiful Joe costume for Rashid.


One unique twist to this (one that might not sit well with the community) is that it costs Fight Money to participate in these weekly challenges — 2,500 to be exact. This means that players will have to spend 10,000 Fight Money just to earn each crossover costume.

Of course, Extra Battle will also allow players to earn Fight Money. This is through the Golden Shadaloo soldier that will appear that is separate from that week’s challenge. Winning over these challenges will earn players Fight Money, serving as a way to help replenish a players wallet throughout the year.

As part of this however, Capcom will be changing other ways of earning Fight Money. Some of the old, one time ways to earn Fight Money such as completing character stories, the general story (A Shadow Falls), trials, survival, and demonstrations will no longer do so. Instead, experience points and leveling characters up now seems to be the primary way of earning Fight Money outside of winning online matches. According to Capcom, simply leveling up each of the 28 characters by playing their character stories should earn players 200,000 Fight Money.

As for players current Fight Money and League Points, Capcom clarified that these will remain unchanged when the update hits.

Meanwhile, when the update drops, all character purchases from either real money or the Character Pass will now unlock that characters Battle Costume as well as colors 3-10 for their Standard and Battle Costumes.

Speaking of costumes, players can now preview costumes in the shop. This is on top of a new sorting option to allow players to much more easily check out what costumes are available for a character.

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition update will launch on January 16. As part of this Capcom has stated that they will be posting details on each months crossover costume and Golden Shadaloo soldiers over on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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