Tekken 7 version 1.10 patch — a.k.a. the “input lag fix” is now live on PlayStation 4

By on December 13, 2017 at 5:31 pm
tekken 7 kazuya close crop

It has been teased (and begged for) for an eternity: a fix for Tekken 7‘s input lag on PlayStation 4 (an apparent side-effect of the Unreal Engine) has finally arrived on consoles.

Those hoping for any other changes in version 1.10 will have to do some sleuthing: the Update History only reveals the planned “game performance optimization,” and Tekken’s official channels have not — at the time of this writing — revealed any patch notes.


This has easily been one of most-requested changes for the PS4 console version, and it has arrived a day earlier then it was previously announced. Merry early Christmas!

Source: Tekkengamer.com

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