TSB: Yabai Invasion is running Sailor Moon Super and TMNT Tournament Fighters: CE side-tournaments this weekend

By on November 10, 2017 at 2:30 pm
Sailor Moon S

You want some real old-school anime alongside the new stuff? Well, this month’s TSB event has you covered, as 2Old2Furious will be running a special Sailor Moon Super side-tournament for those hardcore kusoge fans attending. The event will be single-elimination, with each set being first to three wins. As for prizes, first place takes it all, while second and third place gain the honor of taking a picture with New York’s top Sailor Senshi.

But that’s not all! As well as Sailor Moon Super, TSB: Yabai Invasion will also be running a TMNT Tournament Fighters: Champion Edition event, if you prefer adolescent reptiles to magical schoolgirls. The same rules apply for the TMNT tournament, with the victor probably getting enough cash to order a pizza. Sign-ups are only a dollar and all of this high-quality fighting game action will be streamed by 2Old2Furious. For those wanting to get into the TMNT TF: CE scene, mosey on over to the Tournament Fighters’ Twitter for more information.

As for the rest of TSB: Yabai Invasion, you can find out more about this month’s event right here.


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