Peru’s Crespo forced to drop out of TWT Finals due to denied visa, replaced by P.Ling

By on November 8, 2017 at 10:30 am

When Org BA|Crespo’s aggressive Akuma bested both Xcel|Spero Gin and Circa|Joey Fury at TXT Chile 2017, it was the start of a great Cinderella story: a fresh face on the Tekken Tour showing off the strength of his region, and in one single event, earning the chance to compete on the world’s stage.

Unfortunately, we may never know how Crespo’s style would have fared in the incredibly-stacked TWT Finals event:

While Tekken’s official twitter¬†offered a more diplomatic account, replies to the news revealed the true cause for Crespo’s fate:

It’s a really unfortunate end for Crespo’s TWT tour, and we hope he continues playing and battling for Peru.

With only four points behind on the leaderboards, Crespo’s replacement with be America’s most famous Ling, UYU|P.Ling. It should be interesting to see what P.Ling is able to do with this second wind.

Source: TEKKEN

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