Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will only include new V-Triggers at launch

By on November 7, 2017 at 10:00 am
Abigail SFV Cry Art

Despite leaks insisting otherwise, the launch version of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will not introduce new V-Skills, V-Reversals, or Critical Arts — only new V-Triggers.

This information comes via the Japanese-exclusive “Valuable Edition” of SFVAE, which comes bundled with a set of keychains, an artbook — and most importantly, artcards which list the movesets for each character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Only one moveset is clearly visible in the promotional images for the Valuable Edition, and that is for the muscular motorhead Abigail.

According to HiFight, Abigail’s second V-Trigger is called “Hybrid Charge” and it gives him access to a new move called “Metro Flash.” Based on this description, I imagine Metro Flash works similarly to Zeku’s Idaten command dash, being a move which is only accessible when Abigail is in V-Trigger.

Collectors can pre-order the Valuable Edition of SFVAE over on the e-capcom store. Expect more information on potential V-System changes during PlayStation Experience this December, where Capcom will no doubt reveal more on both Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and its upcoming third season.

Source: e-capcom via HiFightTH

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