Check out Red Bull’s ultra-rare (and exclusive) Street Fighter 30th Anniversary “World Warrior Luggage” gift package

By on October 28, 2017 at 11:00 am
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Only ten of these have been made, for ten of the FGC’s finest.

Red Bull Esports has been busy making sure that the 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter is a year to remember. In addition to special events at Red Bull Battle Grounds in Boston and special edition cans of Red Bull for Street Fighter fans to enjoy, they’s also sent out some slightly mysterious and very impressive commemorative gift packages to prominent members of the FGC — along with a bit of help from UDON and Razer. Behold: The World Warrior Luggage.

This big vintage suitcase is marked on the outside with custom stickers — that are all Street Fighter-related character gags or references — and a “Red Bull Line” luggage tag. The case itself is locked with a combination lock that needs a four-digit code to open (hint: what year were both Red Bull and Street Fighter created…?).

red bull sfv cansWhen the suitcase is opened, the startup screen song from Street Fighter II plays. Inside, the classic stage-select map from the game can be seen — with the addition of Austria’s Red Bull headquarters. It includes one of each of the five aforementioned SFV character cans (going into wide release in November), and when each can is lifted out, sound effects related to that fighter can be heard. There’s lots of other details under the lid, and a pocket that contains a customized World Warrior Passport, with artwork, stickers, and more.

The central feature of the luggage is a Razer Panthera with custom Street Fighter 30th Anniversary artwork from UDON. The SFV characters on the panel art seem to have unusual outfit colors…

You can get another look at the art thanks to LAYERS FGC on Twitter. To finish it all off, under the fight stick there is a limited-edition art print by Ben Marra, featuring the original SFII playable roster, and including a certificate of authenticity.

This ultra rare gift package has been sent to only ten people: Yoshinori Ono, Daigo Umehara, Snake Eyez, Bonchan, Luffy, Alex Valle, Alex Jebailey, Maximilian, Mark Julio, and one other — yet unrevealed. Certainly a spectacular way to thank some of the hardest-working folks in the FGC! Meanwhile: the rest of us can only look on, and seethe with envy.

[CORRECTION: We stated previously that Carolyn Dao was a recipient of one of these, but have since been informed it was a different Red Bull gift package.]

Additional source: LAYERS FGC; special thanks to MarkMan Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.