Taito’s arcade port of Street Fighter V will be playable at Toushinsai this weekend

By on October 20, 2017 at 8:00 am
SFV Taito Arcade

Announced earlier this month by Taito, the company will be running a special location test for their arcade port of Street Fighter V at Toushinsai this weekend. Shown off in a CapcomTV feature, these custom cabinets will be playable at the event, with Taito running a tournament on Sunday for those in attendance.

This mini-tournament will be streamed via a dedicated Toushinsai Twitch channel, so you can tune in to see how these specialist cabinets function. Based on the CapcomTV footage, the cabinets are just computers running the Steam version of Street Fighter V, with each cabinet pair playing in a private Battle Lounge. You can actually look up these accounts on CFN — they are listed as Toushinsai_01, Toushinsai_02 and so on.

Should Toushinsai attendees respond well to this location test, we may see Street Fighter actually returning to its arcade roots — rather than Capcom just releasing something titled “Arcade Edition.”

Sources: CapcomTV; r/StreetFighter

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