Walk the path of the ninja with this breakdown of Zeku’s movelist in Street Fighter V

By on October 16, 2017 at 10:00 am
Zeku Character Profile

Following his reveal at South East Asia Major over the weekend, wannabe ninja are scrambling to find out more information on the Ever-Changing Ninja, Zeku. Luckily, Capcom have been on the ball for this character reveal, and have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of all of Zeku’s moves.

First off, let’s tackle the whole Young/Old Zeku transformation. Zeku is Street Fighter V‘s first stance character, with the gentleman ninja being able to switch stances mid-fight by pressing Down, Down with two punches. While it can be done by itself, Zeku can combo into his stance switch off of his V-Skill, as seen in his character reveal trailer.

For Old Zeku, he is focused around keeping the opponent out with his Bushin Gram kicks. There are three variations of the kick: one hits medium, one hits high and the other one acts as an anti-air. He also has his Bushin Jakura flip, which has three variations, being a punch, a kick and a command grab.

Old Zeku Movelist

If you were a Guy player back in Street Fighter IV, Young Zeku will be right up your street. Like Guy, he has several target combos for reliable damage, as well as a wall jump and a Hayagake command run. He also has access to the Hozanto shoulder bash, along with an air grab which is used extensively in his character trailer.

Young Zeku Movelist

As for his V-Trigger, Zeku gains access to the special Idaten command dash. This teleporting dash has different frame data depending on whether you use Old or Young Zeku — but both can attack out of the dash. If you land a hit during Idaten, Zeku can combo together normals of ascending strength. Both forms have a unique ender which can be used to finish off the Idaten combo, so experiment to see what sequences you can come up with when Zeku launches on October 24th.

Source: Capcom

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