UnlimitedBrettWorks kicks off “Gundam Versus Basics” series with System & Controls overview

By on October 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm
gundam versus launch trailer wing

UnlimitedBrettWorks (also known as TheBrett) was TO and provided commentary for top 8 of the Gundam Versus AnimEVO tournament, and is one of the most prominent YouTubers for the game. You may remember that he recently put out a very quick primer for the game, with a promise for a more in-depth series to come. Well, here we are!

“Gundam Versus Basics” aims to cover all fundamental information needed to improve in Bandai Namco’s latest entry into their team-based arena fighter series, Gundam Versus. TheBrett intends to roll out all the components of this series quickly, so be sure to subscribe to his channel to keep up with the latest Gundam Versus tech.

Source: UnlimitedBrettWorks

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