Check out Brian F’s setplay strategy against standing 3-frame jabs with Street Fighter V’s Balrog

By on October 15, 2017 at 11:00 am

Looking to Street Fighter IV‘s Hakan for inspiration, famed Balrog player Brian_F has developed some excellent new set-play tech for Street Fighter V.

In Street Fighter IV, Hakan’s Oil Dive command grab (which couldn’t grab crouching opponents) took advantage of the fact that all opponents were considered standing when they were getting up off the ground. This curious quirk about getting off the ground is still true in SFV — the only way to be considered crouching is to use a crouching option on wake-up. For characters that have to rely on standing moves for their fastest panic buttons, Brian F has altered his wake-up options to keep them locked in place.

Source: Brian_F

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