A new stage, music, and a ton of premium costumes are coming to Street Fighter V tomorrow

By on September 25, 2017 at 9:09 am
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Capcom reveals a wide variety of new outfits for the Street Fighter V roster — and some other surprises.

We didn’t get any news on Zeku this past week — instead, Capcom is leaning heavily into their DLC MO with an announcement of no less than thirteen (!) new premium costumes for Street Fighter V, covering a variety of themes.

As Halloween is coming up soon for 2017, it comes as no surprise that we’re getting some new “spooky” outfits for select cast members, like we did last year. This time, some fighters lacking in any prior DLC costume attention are finally getting some love — namely Dhalsim, Birdie, and F.A.N.G, while Urien tries to pass as his god-complexed brother:

More characters are going back to school as well, with Menat, Ed, and Cammy gaining academia-themed threads.

Cammy is getting even more premium costume attention: she is also going to have two nostalgic new outfits, one from her days as a Doll for Shadaloo, and another calling back to her Street Fighter IV alternate look.

“But what about Chun-Li? She needs new costumes, too!” Of course she does. Not to be outdone, Capcom’s leading lady is getting three new outfits designed by Akiman: an Interpol “undercover” look, a relaxing summer outfit, and a “sleepwear” costume.

All of these new premium outfits will cost you $3.99 USD apiece. There is also now a 2016 Halloween bundle available, for any players that missed last year’s batch.

This massive selection of new costumes isn’t the only addition planned for SFV tomorrow; Capcom states a new stage — English Manor — is coming as well. Described as a “castle overlook[ing] a sweeping landscape with the Northern Lights hovering up above,” is sounds clearly like a version of Cammy’s classic Super Street Fighter II stage. It will cost the usual 70,000 FM, or $3.99 USD.

Capcom also announced the availability of music packs, to “add a personal touch to every battle.” It sounds like they will be taking a page from Tekken 7‘s jukebox, allowing you to customize your in-game tunes. Classic Street Fighter II music has been promised.

All of this DLC content is planned to roll out tomorrow, September 26, 2017.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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