Square Enix officially reveals Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis in TGS 2017 trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

By on September 19, 2017 at 10:30 am

Square Enix’s latest arena fighter, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, just recently came off of a new character reveal with its returning villain, Ultimecia. While the time-compression sorceress was likely a shoe-in all along, it was still a blow to a vocal contingent waiting and cheering for the addition of Final Fantasy XV‘s lead protagonist, Noctis.

There have been rumors (and according to Destructoid, leaks by Amazon) that Noctis was going to be added the game’s roster for some time now, but nothing had been officially confirmed. Until today, that is — as Square Enix revealed the the weapon-warping hero at the trailing end of the Tokyo Game Show trailer:

“A new ally, I see.” Noctis’s reveal comes just under four months shy of Dissidia’s planned January 11th, 2018 release date for the PS4 in Japan (and on the 30th worldwide). Are you satisfied with the roster as it is, or are you hoping Square squeezes one more surprise character in before launch?

Source: Square Enix NA

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