The Eyes of the Future reveals some of her secrets: Menat gameplay/costume details for Street Fighter V

By on August 28, 2017 at 11:08 am
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The mystical Menat’s V-System and Critical Art, explained!

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As revealed at E-sports Festival in Hong Kong, the fortune teller Menat is on her way to Street Fighter V as the fourth all-new character in Season 2. And she’s almost here: she’ll be joining the cast tomorrow, August 29th.

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As usual, Capcom-Unity has posted some details about Menat:

Menat is an apprentice of a famous fortune teller that lives in Italy. The techniques she was taught revolve around her crystal sphere, which she controls with her soul power. This power lets her extend the base of her attacks, giving her a fortunate advantage at longer ranges. She is also able to send it out at the opponent to disrupt attacks, where she can later call it back. While the crystal sphere is out, she can cancel any normal attack and her V-Skill into Soul Sphere: Ankh, calling the crystal ball back to her, greatly increasing her combo potential.

V-Skill: Soul Reflect – Kamal

Menat can reflect “average” projectiles (probably meaning non-EX or CA, but we’ll see), or absorb them to fill her V-gauge if her crystal ball has been sent out.

V-Trigger: Wisdom of Thoth

Menat calls six additional spheres, which become linked to her normal attacks. They can also be thrown at the opponent.

Critical Art: The Nefertem

Menat binds her crystal ball to the opponent to deal massive damage to them through her dance.

According to Capcom, success with Menat will be determined by learning how to utilize her crystal ball — either to keep opponents at range, or sending it out for mix-up options.

Menat, like prior characters, will launch with a Story Mode outfit and Battle Costume:

Season pass holders will immediately get Menat, her Battle Costume, and default/Battle colors 3-10 unlocked (as usual), and an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme as well. Capcom has also confirmed that logging into CFN between August 29 and September 5 will grant a free 30,000 Fight Money.

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The 30th Anniversary premium costumes for Karin, Ibuki, M. Bison and Guile will also be arriving tomorrow.

Source: Capcom-Unity Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.